About us


Quite often, we fall into the error of focusing solely on improving as a competitive rider, ignoring the many other approaches to how and why to ride a bike. There is nothing like the pleasure of exploring new locations and embarking on challenging rides, no matter the distance or elevation gain. Even better if we do it together with like-minded friends who are also passionate about spending long days on the saddle, and arriving home with a new experience in the bag, like a new chapter in an unfinished book.

The RAW Stories is a project of RAW Cycling Magazine striving to bring back the aforementioned concepts. It is about fostering an environment where cycling, culture, and nature, are combined and translated into a written story for our readers.


For this project, we wanted to collaborate with the best partners we can think of, and if they are your friends, much better. We count on the quality of Brazo de Hierro, a photographer specializing in cycling, who will portray every single detail in each of the adventures. Another involved individual is Enrico Bellé, frame-builder and owner of Bellé Cycles, who didn’t want to be left out of this great project, and provided the handmade bikes we will enjoy riding together.


Details make the difference between small and great projects, and from the beginning, we wanted to achieve a top one. For this reason, we believed in Bellé Cycles to design and create steel custom bikes for each of us and build them with the best components.


We are really proud to have the support of big cycling brands involved in The RAW Stories. They believe in our project and also in our way of living cycling experiences.