Camprodon Camp

After some months of small adventures, it was time to make a trip to high mountains and disconnect of our daily life, merge with nature, and feel free.

We chose Camprodon as a base camp. This village is located in the Pyrenees and is a perfect valley to make a lot of routes thru these awesome mountains.

This time, we had Victor from Café de Finca as the special guest in this new story.

DAY 1. From Camprodon to Ribes Valley (62km / 1.910m+)

We were ready and a great day was in front of us. Clip the pedals! We go up!

From Camprodón to Tregurà de Dalt we took a cool road full of green spots, switchbacks, and nice views. It was about 5km uphill from where we could appreciate the best view of the valley.

In Tregurà de Dalt, we started the gravel path, that brought us till Ribes the Freser. The idea was a ride from one valley to another, almost at 2.000mt and we could enjoy the wildness and the spectacular majesty of the Pyrenees nature. Blue sky, fresh air. Pedal after pedal we climb to reach the top of Camprodon Valley between cows, horses, basically with no one else around. An amount of 25 km climbing from where we started the ride.

Happy like kids, finally we were in our natural habitat!

Probably it’s hard to explain some kind of feelings on the bikes, it’s like happiness, connection with nature and your friends that are pedaling on your side, we’re sure that no one of us will forget it.

Once we reach the top of Camprodon Valley we dig downhill till Ribes de Freser, awhgghhh!!! So much fun! Bunny hops and skids everywhere!

The second part of the ride was from Ribes de Freser back to basecamp. We took a cycleway between the woods that surround the town, we were advised that it was a hard path, but we kept following our plan, for the first km all was ok but early we met a series of steep and hard ramps, that made the ride tough!

Once on top, we were thrown again in a wonderful landscape where we forget all the pain! Downhill to Camprodón, we stopped just in time in a small local shop to buy some local cheese and sausages. It’s a must!

Shower time to clear the ideas, and back to our Camping headquarters, we quickly organize an “after-ride brunch” based on typical food from the area and a good fresh beer!

DAY 2. Reaching Col d’Ares (52km / 1.176m+)

After a cool breakfast, we move this time to the other part of the valley, to Molló. Our goal was to reach Col d’Ares thru greenways and gravel paths.

Once again we use an MTB track to reach the top, some cool surprises were awaiting us…between woods and green spots, km after km the “groads” became stronger and stronger…

After several strong km where we had to put our bike on our shoulders to climb some ramps, we arrived at a small town, thirsty and hungry. The only bar was closed, SHIT! But luckily, the owner of the Can Jordi bar restaurant, offer us some local drink called “Sauco” juice that totally saved us!

Ready to go! The route was difficult to follow but, thanks to the Wahoo track we kept going… the path was really rough and tough, pushing our bikes for some parts and pushing the pedals we reached the top!

On the last climb, we thought the same thing… “behind this mountain, there’s something special”… And we were right! Once on the top, we watched the astonishing panorama in front of us for minutes, speechless.

A cool laugh appears on our faces, probably it was the closest thing to happiness.

On the border between Spain and France, just silence, high mountains, cows, horses and us! FUCKING GREAT!

We miss just some km to reach Col d’Ares, maybe the strongest because we miss the track and we were almost lost.

Once we reach our goal, we had a fast downhill to Camprodón, clean pure FUN!

Victor is a very important piece of Café de Finca, he's the graphic designer, brand and community manager of this awesome project.
“I’m surrounded by a great team, Alex (Alex Calzon 1990ers) always give us a great support.
We’re not a big Company but yes we think big, we cover different departments. We start from nothing and we had to learn fast, enthusiasm and sacrifice are the words that better define our spirit.”
“I was born in Castelldefels a coastal town close to Barcelona, I ride since I was young, no matter how bike or skate. What I like about cycling is the inertia, the natural speed, and to be fast I had to train hard. Since one year I'm riding with Café de Finca trying to be in my best fit condition! To feel me comfortable and ride fast!”