Bad ideas are always the best plans

When a family visit is a perfect excuse to becomes a long road trip.

A long time ago that I wanted to do a long road trip and, suddenly, we found a reason to make it real.

We had to go to the Pyrenees where Mariona’s cousin lives but we decided to take advantage of that and ride from home to there and back with our road bikes. That means 400 hundred kms in two days and more than 7.000 m+ of elevation gain. Not bad at all.

DAY 1. From home to the Pyrenees (179 km / 3,712 m+)

We started early from home. A long day was waiting for us.

The most difficult part of the route was the Coll de la Creueta cycling pass, with 22 km of climbing and a 5% of average. It’s not much hard, but if you are riding from home, believe me, it is.

We could enjoy an amazing views from (almost) the top of the climb.  We were at 3 km from the highest point (1.923 m).

Finally, we got it! We reached the top! After this and super excited, we had to downhill and enjoy the last 30 kms of the route.

DAY 2. From the Pyrenees to home (217 km / 3,245 m+)

Mariona was really tired. We arrived on Friday and we only had one day (Saturday) to rest a little bit. She was a bit afraid because she was not sure if she could reach the goal of going back home but I knew that she really is strong and she only needed a few motivational words.

The day started early, another long day on the road. We decided to take a different route for going back home instead repeat the one that we did on Friday. A bit longer than the other but, explore new routes are always a good idea.

It was really warm and our bodies were tired but we were convinced that we could achieve it.

Our good friend, Brazo de Hierro, joined us in the last part of the route. We were really excited, we were pretty close to home and we had a good company.

After ten hours riding our bikes, finally, we were at home. We were tired, exhausted and dusted but happy.