Bivouac experience at Monistrol de Calders

One of the ideas that we had in mind before living this worldwide pandemic, was to go outdoor and experience a bivouac adventure.

We didn’t plan a big ride and neither an epic adventure but we had all resources to live two nice days of gravel.

It was Saturday morning when the ride was proposed to the crew to know who was able to join, and late in the afternoon, three of us we were already riding.

We started the ride from Terrassa where part of the team lives, and our first destination was Sant Llorenç Savall and we arrived there on time, still with daylight.

From this small village, we took the way to Granera meanwhile the sunset caught us. Some minutes later, we were riding totally in the dark.

When the night arrived, our bodies had started to feel the cold and humidity.

It was around midnight when we reached Monistrol de Calders. In the beginning, we thought that all the restaurants and bars of the village would be closed but, fortunately, we found some places open including a food-truck that was making handmade pizzas… As you can imagine, we couldn’t resist to taste them.

We wanted to sleep in a beautiful place next to a pond but as it was too late, finally we decided to use a quiet place that we found close to the main path.

After a hot drink and prepare the bivouac camp, we went to sleep and try to rest to have some energy for the next day.

One of the best things about sleeping without a tent is the possibility to observe the sky and feel the nature pretty close to your ears: the sound of a river, the wind, or a nocturnal animal, are part of this experience.

We slept like four or five hours, not many more but they were enough to start our way back home.

The first light of the sun appeared over the trees and we took the main path that connects Monistrol de Calders and Castellterçol.

Surrounded by big trees we rode the first kilometers of the day. The views were beautiful and everything was really quiet. Nobody was there, just us and some cows.

When you are in the middle of a scenario like this, it is when you really realize how lucky you are to live close to nature.

The terrain changed quickly and we had to overpass some hard and technical segments, but 100% cyclable.

Finally, we arrived at the closest point to Castellterçol of our route. From there, we took a new path to Coll d’Ases.

Back on the road, we went home with the satisfaction of having lived a quick but nice adventure for two days.