When lockdown arrives at home

One day you are planning trips and working in a lot of projects and ideas and, suddenly, the day after, you are locked at home because of a worldwide virus.

As everybody knows, this 2020 will be remembered for that difficult situation that we had to live. They were really hard days but, fortunately, we have survived safe and sound.

We had to be at home for more than two months and we could only train indoors, dreaming of the next trips and adventures.

We have spent a lot of hours planning routes on Komoot thinking about new destinations and places to explore, and creating routes to do with gravel or road bike of one or multiple days. Simply dreaming of being free again soon

We wanted to feel these nerves the day before starting a new adventure. Prepare all the stuff for a bike-packing trip, check the track once again, take a look at the weather forecast, ride until midnight, and have dinner with no neighbors, cars, or any noise around. Wait for the sunrise in the middle of nowhere, lost in the woods.

There is a motto that says: “You don’t know what you have until you miss it”, and this terrible virus has shown us the importance of a lot of small things that are really necessary for us.

Turn off the TV and social media, and make the most of your real life.

This time, we had to be content with sleeping in our backyard. It wasn’t a real trip but it was the way to feel closer to nature from home.