Gentleman’s Ride ’18 by CycloCat

What will you think if you could ride using the safer routes and the ones with less elevation gain to travel on your bike? Soon you will be able to do it. 

This is the goal of CycloCat platform, create a network of routes to use your bike enjoying isolated roads and gravel paths. As part of the promotion of this project, they organize once per year the Gentleman’s Ride, a non-competitive ride between Barcelona and Girona.

This year we were part of this beautiful initiative and we participated in this gravel ride.

The route was long but it was not a hard one, it was divided into three segments, and you could choose some alternative routes to achieve each of them.

There were recovery stations at the end of every segment where you could take a coffee or eat some pastries.

Almost 300 riders organized by teams, they went through 145 km until reaching the goal with a wet terrain, mud and some hills.

Once arrived at Girona, our bikes look a bit different, full of mud but with a lot of funny moments during the route.

As the last point, we want to say thanks to Gentleman’s Ride organizers and volunteers, especially to Joan, from CycloCat, that he put a lot of effort to bring us a brilliant gravel day. Thanks and we will repeat next year!