Whole crew to Marina mountain range

We ultimate the built of all our bikes a few weeks ago and we couldn’t wait more so we decide to go out for a ride altogether. 

It’s not an easy task to find a good day to ride the whole crew, even if one of us is a computer engineer, a barman, a frame builder and a photographer, busy lives!

Finally, we found a great Sunday to do a ride together. Meeting at 9 am at the forum of Barcelona, as usual, Stef arrived late, with the greatest excuse, there was a marathon that day in the city!

We start pedaling the first kilometers talking to fight the cold morning and still sleepy.

We took the path that goes back to the river bed of the Besos river, passing thru close to Montcada and Mollet del Vallés, where Kico is based.

Actually, he was who proposed the route because is one of his daily field of training.

After few km of up and downs and a lot of mud, we took a deviation to Vallromanes, where Kico said: “Ok guys, let’s get the party started!”

The path that introduces us to the Marina mountain range was a muddy uphill with parts with nice views of Montseny and some steep gradients, we were definitely so happy to be on the road.

Arrived at a crossroads we took left and we’ve been astonished for the great view of the coast, the best panorama of the day and fair reward when we arrived on the top.

Quick downhill and soon we arrived at a traditional mountain restaurant that Kico told us. It was the perfect place, a rural house in the middle of nowhere with a great bbq and wine. What else do we need?

After an essential shot of Italian grappa, we were ready to go! And here came a big and funny downhill until the town of Orrius, back on the main road for some more talk and group ride.

Faster downhill from Orrius ’till la Roca del Vallés, where we had tons of fun.

We took the Besos river way back home, everyone took his own pace to have some fun, we cross rivers, saw some cows and wild pigs, and we took some nice photos with Albert (@brazodehierro).

We arrived at home dirty and happy, for the day we spent.