Exploring Osona

We had a plan to make another trip for the weekend, but on Friday it blows up… shit happens! but no worries! When you got a good bunch of friends and the mind open to last minutes plans, only nice things can come out.

We call our friend Gil and we ask him to put together a cool ride around Osona, places that he knows perfectly. Gil is a passionate road and gravel cyclist based in the zone. He traveled around the world, very often with a bicycle and he has a lot of nice bike experiences on his legs. What best plan to ride with a local, as usual, be careful, locals always put some surprises to make the ride more entertained.

We arrived at Vic where we met with Gil. We suite up quick our kits, quickly because of the weather, it was pretty cold and cloudy, jump on our bikes we reach a bar where we had a quick breakfast with him and a couple of friends.

Coffee, more coffee some croissant and we where on the road pedaling on a national road toward the forest that surrounds Vic.

Riding and talking the first kilometers we had a feeling that a great day was in front of us.

Fresh cold air, secondary roads, green fields…little by little after few km a good hot sun take the place of the clouds, you know those Catalan cold sunny days? If not you should try…they’re amazing.

We know that Gil will put some spicy flavour to the ride and son we realize that we were right, as soon we left the road we get into a cool gravel uphill of some km, time to spread some sweat!

We get into the Forest quickly it was a great feeling, doesn’t matter if the legs burns, after the first up hill we had some kms of flat in a nice rural área full of pines, green spots, horses, just great stuff, just few km away from the town.

A quick stop to regroup the small “peloton”, sometimes there are people that push harder, you know… Stef and Brazo seriously think that Gil’s friend had a small electric motor inside his toolbox of his Specialized. After the obligatory inspection, we can say that there wasn’t any motor, only strong legs.

Fast downhill between big trees and groups of goats, another uphill is on the way! It was amazing and faster!

Unfortunately, Toni had a flat tire and a knock on his front wheels, we had a large stop but thanks especially to Kico’s skills we could set it up and continue riding.

We climb till the small town of Sant Bartlomé del Grau, from where we had a complete view of Pyrenees in front of us, just beautiful.

We pass thru a small lake in the forest and the hard hard hard uphill till Sobremunt village aka “Sobremuur”, literally there’s a long wall that brings you from the forest to the little town.

After this, we had probably the most spectacular part, a faster and technique gravel downhill with awesome steep downhills and switchbacks and, Gil tell us to be careful, anyway, I think all of us made it faster than we can.

Some more km of flat and we were back to Vic, such a nice area, such a great nature. We’re in love with Catalunya and all the landscape and pureness of the nature that surrounds his mountains! Can’t wait for more!