Moianès region circle loop

Today’s Menu: 100 km ride, with 90% of gravel, almost 2.000 m+ of elevation gain riding by Moianès region, in Catalonia.

Live outside of big cities and close of mountains have a lot of advantages, one of them is the number of options that you have for riding bikes without the need to cross the whole city until starting the track.

We can take a groad (gravel road) really close to home and start riding easy thru fields and funny tracks until our first stop in Sant Llorenç Savall still in our current region Vallés Occidental.

After a quick stop for a coffee and some pastries, we started to climb to Granera, the first village of Moianès region. In that direction, you will find some big slopes but the path is really nice and the views from the top are amazing and you can appreciate all the alternative roads that you have for cycling gravel in this area.

After 40 kilometers from home, we arrived at Granera. It’s a really small village located on the top of a mountain range and surrounded by forest. You can arrive thru gravel roads or also by road, that it’s very beautiful.

We took some mandatory pictures and enjoy the landscape a bit, we started the downhill to Monistrol de Calders that it would be our next destination.

In Monistrol de Calders we were more or less in the half of the whole route and here started the hardest part of it, 15-18 km of climbing to Castellterçol. It was not so hard as you could think, and you can enjoy the amazing nature of the place.

Really close to Castellterçol we took another track to Coll d’Ares where we finished the climb and we started our way to back home.